My Wausome Story: Dr. Wenhui Sun-Oyer, General Dentist, Advanced Dental Professionals

Original publication date: December 28, 2021

I don’t think most people can say a curling center was the catalyst for relocating across the country. But for my husband and I, it’s really how our Wausome Story came to be and a big part of what brought us to this community.

I didn’t grow up in the area. In fact, I was born in China. My family moved around a lot but most of my childhood was spent in Connecticut. I studied at the University of Connecticut, which is where I met my husband. A year of dental residency brought me to Ohio, but when that was over, we settled in Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C.

We really loved living in that part of the country. We were surrounded by young professionals, great restaurants, and culture. But after a few years, we both felt the daily grind of big city living wearing on us. It’s very expensive to live there. And the commutes are horrible (some days were over 2 hours one way!). A 900 square foot apartment cost us $2,300 a month. Everyone was living on top of one another. After a while, I looked at my husband and said I don’t need to do this. There are better ways to live.

While we were open to going anywhere in the country, we knew the cost of living was much less in the midwest, and traffic, access to the outdoors, and a slower pace would be better suited to our lifestyle. My husband had been curling in D.C. for 4 years by then and agreed to make the move with two conditions: We needed to be close to a curling club as well as a decent sized airport. We had a number of options on the table; cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. But Wausau really stood out because of the curling club here. After doing some research, it become clear that Wausau’s Curling Club is one of a kind and a testament to the unique lifestyle attractions offered in the community. As we learned more about the city, we knew we needed to make a visit.

We flew out in November, and upon landing, my husband and I grabbed dinner and then drove to the curling center. We walked in not knowing a soul and were welcomed immediately. It gave us a really good feeling. We explored the city further. I had lined up a job interview with a dental group I was really excited about. We explored the neighborhoods and housing options, and fell in love with the historic Eastside. The area had the airport that my husband and I needed. Everything felt right. We decided Wausau was the place for us.

That was in 2018 and since then we’ve learned there is so much to love about this community. We really appreciate the downtown. We wanted a small town vibe but still have access to a lot of the amenities you grow to love in a big city; arts, culture, restaurants, and events.

In terms of our careers, Wausau has been a perfect fit for us. My husband can work from home as a patent examiner for the Department of Commerce without the hubbub of the big city. My dental practice, Advanced Dental Professionals, is part of the new Riverlife project that has proposed to build a new dental facility along the Wisconsin River. There is already a vibrant health campus started there with the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin and Aspirus calling it home. With the addition of our new dentistry building, it’s going to add yet another accessible service to that developing area. In addition to the new move, I will be seeing special needs patients for dental treatment at the Aspirus Wausau Hospital operating room who otherwise cannot be seen in a traditional dental office environment. I feel very privileged to be treating so many wonderful Wausau residents on a daily basis.

When my husband and I talk about regrets, the only one we have is that we didn’t move to Wausau sooner. This lifestyle, the people, the opportunities, and amenities Wausau offers are really wonderful.

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