My Wausome Story: Developing Wausau’s Next Chapter, Jacqui Miller, Real Estate and Marketing Manager, S.C. Swiderski

Original publication date: July 17, 2018

How does a construction and real estate development firm determine whether to invest $38 million into a community like Wausau, Wisconsin?

“We need to see growth, a healthy business climate and the right pricing to ensure it is a good investment,” said Jacqui Miller, real estate and marketing manager for S.C. Swiderski. “Plus, we look for holes in the market that need filling.”

In the case of Wausau, the company found the magic mix of opportunity, plus the need was visible due in part to a shortage of higher-end housing options. “Industry here is growing and employers need experienced professionals to fill their open vacancies. But what we were finding was there wasn’t enough high-end housing rentals available for the types of employees these businesses were trying to attract. Westwood Estates and Urban West are two projects that came out of this need, with a $38 million investment into the Wausau community,” stated Miller.

S.C. Swiderski has been actively pursuing opportunities for acquisition and investment in the midwest, and Wausau was a perfect fit. And these projects were particularly special for Miller given it was taking place in her hometown.

“I love the fact that I’m a part of growing and developing my hometown, having a role in bringing modern, upscale rental options to residents here,” commented Miller.

Although raised in Wausau, Miller left after graduating from the local Catholic high school. She earned her degree and began working in the Twin Cities. Her career was growing, as was her family. But something was missing.

“While expecting my second child, something changed. The race of city life was wearing on me. I was tired of the commutes. I wanted safe neighborhoods and good schools for my kids. I missed that close-knit community feeling I had growing up. The lifestyle I was living was fast-paced and it wasn’t what I wanted for my family,” reflected Miller.

“I had not strongly considered Wausau as a place to move back to because I assumed the big city was where I needed to be for the type of career I wanted. But when I started researching opportunities, I found a number of professional positions with well-known companies that were exactly what I wanted. My family and I moved back in 2014. I love the people and community. There are great opportunities professionally, good schools and so many activities, from sports, to art and music events, that make it a great place to live.”

Today, in her role with S.C. Swiderski, Miller manages the company’s real estate division and leads the marketing department. Her work allows her be a part of writing Wausau’s next chapter. “I love that my job allows me to be an active partner in the community where I grew up and am now raising my own children. Wausau is a special place. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

To learn more about the company, visit S.C. Swiderski’s website.

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