Wausome’s Top Picks!

👉 Thurs. 5/23: PLUSH wsg The Almas & Through Crimson at The Q & Z Expo Center
👉 Thurs. 5/23: Karaoke-dokey đŸ’Ĩ
👉 Fri. 5/24: Weekly Friday Night Draft
👉Fri. 5/24: Country Solo with Jackson Taylor đŸ’Ĩ
👉 Fri. 5/24 – Sat. 5/25: Rib Mountain Adventure Challenge
👉 Sat. 5/25: Mass Chaos Big 5 Bowfishing Tournament
👉 Sat. 5/25: Spring Wildflower Hike đŸ’Ĩ
👉 Sat. 5/25: How to Get Started: Beginning Genealogy with Ancestry đŸ’Ĩ
👉 Sat. 5/25: Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown
👉 Sat. 5/25: Puzzles and Pints Third Puzzle Competition
👉 Sun. 5/26: Smash burger Sunday
👉 Mon. 5/27: Opening Day
👉 Wed. 5/29: Painting Night Get Together and Play Weekly Event đŸ’Ĩ
👉 Wed. 5/29: Pizza on the Patio
👉 Thurs. 5/30: Architecture Amble Churches of Downtown Wausau đŸ’Ĩ

ℹī¸ To learn more about these events, click on the links above! Some events require purchasing a ticket ahead of time.

đŸ’Ĩ = Free event

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Launched in 2012 by Welcoming America and its members, Welcoming Week provides individuals and communities the opportunity to proclaim welcoming values through events and local initiatives that foster mutual understanding between immigrants and non-immigrants, as well as deeper belonging for all. We hope you’ll join us!

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