The current Wausome initiative was started as a collaboration between the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin and the City of Wausau in 2022.

Cheryl Wolken was hired in September 2022 to lead the initiative as the Wausau Area Marketing Specialist.

The Problem

In 2022, the Marathon County LIFE Report found that only 48% of residents are satisfied with how welcoming their community is and only 37% are satisfied with how tolerant their community is.

Feeling unwelcome in a community can cause people to leave and can negatively impact the perception of the community by outsiders, hurting talent attraction efforts. The aging demographics of our community, and our declining workforce underscore the importance of creating a welcoming community.

The Solution

The Wausome Initiative creates a sense of belonging in the greater Wausau area by focusing on connecting, welcoming, and engaging Wausau area residents with the goal of positively impacting physical and mental health, talent retention, and the local economy.

The Team

The Wausome Initiative is led by Cheryl Wolken with guidance and support from the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin and the City of Wausau.

Cheryl Wolken

Wausau Area Marketing Specialist

Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

City of Wausau


Thank you to the following foundations, businesses, and organizations for their financial support!

B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation

City of Wausau

Edward & Lois Drott Legacy Fund

Rocket Industrial

Wausau Marathon County Fund

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