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Resident Guide

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Uniquely Wisconsin in the Wausau Area

Hmong Culture

“It’s making sure all of our community members, no matter what age they are, that they truly feel that they have a place of belonging.”

Small Business Success

“Our hope in building our business, & continuing to do what I do at MCDEVCO, is to bring more people to Marathon County.”

Farm to Table Pizzas

“He values his farm and he values what it means to the community and to his family.”

App Adventure

Visit Wausau invites you to eat your way through the Greater Wausau Area with their Appetizer Adventure while enjoying special discounts, collecting points, and earning fun prizes!

Booze N Brews Pass

Visit Wausau invites you to drink your way through the Greater Wausau Area with their Booze N Brews Pass, which lets you get special discounts, collect points, and earn prizes!

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