Are you a new Resident of the Wausau Area?

WELCOME! We’re SO glad you’re here!

We know it can be hard to move somewhere new. There are the logistical struggles of moving (unpacking, starting a new job, trying not to get lost) but then there are other struggles too. When you move to a new city it can often be hard to find your niche, your people, your groove, or whatever you want to call it.

Many communities do not have a way to help new residents find a sense of belonging, but WE do!
(And you’ve found it!)

We’ve created a simple four step process to get you started.
(Just scroll down!)

Step 1

Sign up for the WAUSOME Newsletter!

The Wausome Newsletter is your source for upcoming events that foster connection. Subscribers also get exclusive access to our comprehensive calendar and you can be inspired by reading our curated selection of good news stories from the Wausau area.

Step 2

Request a Newcomer Welcome Packet!

Did you know that the Newcomer Service has been welcoming new residents to the greater Wausau area since 1964?! When you sign up for their Welcome Packet you will receive a great variety of information and coupons from local businesses who want to welcome you to the area.

Step 3

View the Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce’s Relocation Guide!

This guide should be included in the Newcomer Packet (that you just requested, right?!) but you can check it out online ahead of time. It includes stories about local residents & places, profiles of our local communities, and updates about the Wausau area.

Step 4

Check out our Resident Guide to get access to everything you need to know!

Finally, we recommend heading over to our Resident Guide! This guide has a comprehensive list resources that new residents need. Is there anything you’re wondering about that you can’t find? The Wausau Area Connecters are happy to help!

After you complete these steps don’t forget to check out all of the great content on the Experience, Join, and Meet pages.

The Wausau area is a WAUSOME! place to live and we know you’ll grow to love it as much as we do.

Keeping you connected to the Wausau Area!

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