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Why should you join a group?

Here are just a few reasons:

Meet new people!

Whether you’re new to the area or just looking to expand your circle, joining a group is a great way to meet people!

Improved mental wellbeing!

Being socially connected has been shown to lower levels of anxiety and depression, and raise self-esteem!

Better physical health!

Being a member of a group is correlated with better physical health, such as lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system!

Improved job performance!

Leverage your social capital to help you be more effective in your current job or to find a higher paying job!

Wausau Area Clubs and Organizations

Learn about a few of the popular clubs in the area!

Rotary Club of Wausau

“If you’re looking for an organization of really outstanding people from across the demographics of our community […] you’re going to be in the right place in a Rotary Club.”

Wausau Curling Club

“It’s more social than it is athletic. We all gather after each game and we share stories and we may share a beverage or two.”

Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition

“CWOCC is proud of all of the trails we’ve built over the years but what we’re most proud of is the sense of community we’ve developed.”

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